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Fankama Mining & Construction considers the protection and promotion of health, safety and the environment (HSE) a fundamental value and a corporate social responsibility that governs all its activities. Our goal is to be the leader in the preventive culture of HSE.

Our senior management is committed to implementing our preventative HSE culture wherever we operate, and to protecting our employees from workplace illnesses and injuries. Fankama Mining & Construction is committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of its businesses, products and services across the entire value chain and to applying a holistic approach to the life cycle from the earliest design stages and projects.

Management must openly demonstrate its leadership in HSE in all of our activities and processes, by fostering day-to-day alignment with our corporate strategy while involving our employees. Fankama Mining & Construction makes the following commitments and asks all its employees to act accordingly:

  1. TAKE ACTIONS to promote the health and well-being of our employees and to prevent any occupational illness and accident at workplace.
  2. INTEGRATE our values into all of our activities, behaviors and strategic decisions.
  3. COMPLY with applicable laws, regulations, standards and other requirements, by adopting processes based on risk assessment and mitigation through appropriate controls, and by providing for a plan covering abnormal and emergency situations to ensure that our activities are managed safely, environmentally and sustainably.
  4. TAKE ACTIONS that ensure the environment protection, which includes pollution prevention, mitigation of climate change, and the conservation and rationing of the natural resources and energy required for our operations. Thus, we must minimize the negative impacts of our activities (new projects and operations) on the environment, while applying eco-design principles.
  5. Promote and report to our partners (managers, customers, employees and contractors) our commitment to improving our health, safety and environmental performance, and to providing for the necessary resources, particularly for training.
  6. Make this policy available to interested parties and promote awareness and good practices in health, safety and environment.
  7. Assess constantly in a systematic way our health, safety and environmental performance and the effectiveness of our management system through control and audit process, and report on our achievements to stakeholders.

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