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Fankama Mining & Construction

Who's Behind

Ousmane Kaba, CEO and co-founder of Fankama Mining & Construction, brings in more than 15 years of experience working in fields as varied as construction, finance, IT and logistics. Possessing sound academic backgrounds in areas such as civil engineering, finance and information technology, having worked with people from different cultural backgrounds and around the world, he plays an important role in connecting together skills that are different but complement each other. He puts together the company's vision of connecting businesses with great talent to work without limits. He is an expert on working with professionals around the world. He has 12 years of banking and finance experiences in Switzerland (Ernst & Young, Zurich and Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Lausanne). Previously, he worked for Nitshimatsu Construction, one of the top ten Japanese construction companies, and Kajitany Engineering.

He holds a Master degree in Industries des Ressources Minérales & Société from Ecole des Mines de Paris, a Master degree in Mathematical Finances from Swiss Institute of Technology, Zurich, a Master degree in Economics from HEC-Lausanne, a Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences from HEIG-VD and a Civil Engineer degree from Institut Polytechnique de Conakry, Guinea.

Combining their unique perspectives and experiences, Directors of Fankama Mining & Construction strive to deliver quality services through disciplined and informed planning, efficient communication, customer-oriented mentality, and hard work. The CEO and the Directors are supported by an experienced management team who are experts in their respective fields and committed to taking Mining Logistics and construction further.
Mohamed Traore, in his capacity of Managing Director, oversees the complexity related to mining operations. He has a proven record of disciplined leadership in carrying out tricky tasks. Before joining Fankama Mining & Construction, Mohamed had been Director of Operations for CFDT for 20 years.

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Institut Polytechnique de Conakry, Guinea.
François Blochaou, a co-founder, is Director of IT Division at Fankama Mining & Construction, responsible for overseeing all technology operations and evaluating them according to established goals. He Devises and establishes IT policies and systems to support the implementation of strategies set by upper management. Ultimately he is responsible for analyzing the business requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs.

He holds a Master degree, with Summa Cum Laude, in Systèmes de Communication from EPFL, Swiss Institute of Technology, Lausanne.
Ibrahima Kaba is the Finance Manager at Fankama Mining & Construction, responsible for overseeing and managing the Accounts and Finance Department. He brings eight years of experience in the areas of accounts, taxation and finance. Previously, Ibrahim was a Finance and Accounts advisor for a public practice, gaining experience working with businesses of all sizes. At Fankama Mining & Construction, he focuses on accurate and timely reporting of financial data. No easy feat, considering the large volume of transactions Fankama Mining & Construction conducts on a week to week basis.

He holds a Master degree in Finance from Institut Polytechnique de Faranah, Guinea.

Ousmane Kaba

- CEO, founder-

Mohamed Traore

- Director Of Operations -

François Blochaou

- Director of IT, founder-

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