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About Us


Fankama Mining & Construction endeavors to become the leader in all facets of crushing and sieving extractive materials through an integrated management of quality. We are concerned about the environment, surrounding communities, and the overall health, and the safety of our employees. In the most efficient and effective way possible. We carry the ore, transport containers, build infrastructures, manufacture, produce and sell stone and sand aggregate in accordance with our customers’ requirements.
Our company focuses on continuous improvement, which includes staff training, equipment upgrades, and continued interest in building good partnerships in order to create profitable business relations for the overall development of the company and the economic development of the country.


Fankama Mining & Construction was born out of the collaboration of partners with multidisciplinary skills and with years of experience in fields as varied as civil engineering, finance, law, and international trade. With boundless rigor, our experts are committed to helping you identify your problems and implement solutions for them. Having the material and logistical means, our company aims to be a reliable provider of solutions in the field of construction of mining infrastructures.
Integrity, honesty, rigor, and respect of our commitments are at the very core of our business, as well as the quality and professionalism of our services, the speed of execution and the respect of budgets and deadlines. Every employee or leader should foster a pleasant work environment where the respect for each other is paramount.
Our pledge to deliver services promptly and efficiently is an integral part of Fankama Mining & Construction's vision. Through it, we express our identity: a construction company that develops and carries out construction projects with passion and professionalism. Guided by excellence, our employees face challenges without compromising efficiency or quality. In order to constantly exceed the customer expectations, the clients and contractors of Fankama Mining & Construction are our main focus.
Fankama's Values and vision


SIntegrated logistics and construction services. With the "One For All, All For One" vision, Fankama Mining & Construction allows for and encourages collaboration accross the different sections of its activities. The life cycle of our activities begins with the identification of needs, then includes the design of solutions to them, and ends with the development and execution of the chosen solution as the best in value for money terms. The interconnection between these skills makes it possible to exploit synergies as well as solutions which are adapted to the interest of all its customers.
Customers-Friendly. Fankama Mining & Construction intends to be the preferred partner of its customers for all construction projects, logistics and transport, and mining projects. Therefore, the company directs its effort towards customer needs and assigns to their projects experts who are able to generate an extra value for them. With this as our ethos, Fankama Mining & Construction is able to grow at the same time as its customers and markets.
Privileged partner for its workers. Every single aspect of Fankama Mining & Construction’s success is home-made. Therefore, the well-being and the promotion of its employees are among the key concerns of Fankama Mining & Construction. It offers its people opportunities of evolution and interesting jobs that allow for career promotion.
Constant search for reliable partners. Fankama Mining & Construction aims to be a nationally and internationally recognized company. To achieve this goal, it is essential to establish close partnerships with internationally active companies, which have the capacity to innovate in their field of activities.


The corporate structure of Fankama Mining & Construction allows it to achieve its goals defined in its vision and strategy. Thanks to its efficient organization broken down into Business Areas, Fankama Mining & Construction evolves closer to its markets and its customers. This allows it to achieve its goals quickly and surely.
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