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Fankama Mining & Construction is equipped with important logistical means and provides for innovative solutions to the problems related to mining logistics, infrastructure construction, ore haulage, and container haulage. Our know-how allows us to meet and exceed our costumers' expectations. Whether for mining, civil engineering, the supply of aggregates produced by its quarries, Fankama Mining & Construction is committed to providing services and technical solutions of unparalleled quality, reliability and speed while respecting the health and safety of its workers. In this vein, Fankama Mining & Construction would be nothing without its multidisciplinary team of passionate and skilled talents. Its team is continually trained in order to carry out all your work with meticulousness, speed, flexibility and courtesy, not to mention its unbeatable value for money!

Fankama Mining & Construction sets itself apart by having:
  • A well-established business
  • An experienced and competent stafft
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Strictly competitive rates
Possessing construction equipment and relying on a well-trained staff, we are able to offer effective and efficient solutions to your civil engineering problems (earthworks, rehabilitation of mining sites after exploitation, construction of rural roads, etc…).
Civil engineering gives you the tools to meet challenges such as how to develop a project and build and operate roads, bridges and buildings in a context of sustainable development.
Our employees undertake training that makes it possible to have a good knoweldge of the fundamental subjects of civil engineering, from the mechanics of deformable solids to the environment, including hydraulics, soil mechanics and project management.

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