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Fankama Mining & Construction

Business Areas

Fankama Mining & Construction is equipped with important logistical means and provides for innovative solutions to the problems related to mining logistics, infrastructure construction, ore haulage, and container haulage. Our know-how allows us to meet and exceed our costumers' expectations. Whether for mining, civil engineering, the supply of aggregates produced by its quarries, Fankama Mining & Construction is committed to providing services and technical solutions of unparalleled quality, reliability and speed while respecting the health and safety of its workers. In this vein, Fankama Mining & Construction would be nothing without its multidisciplinary team of passionate and skilled talents. Its team is continually trained in order to carry out all your work with meticulousness, speed, flexibility and courtesy, not to mention its unbeatable value for money!

Fankama Mining & Construction sets itself apart by having::
  • A well-established business
  • An experienced and competent stafft
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Strictly competitive rates


Fankama Mining
To help mining companies achieve the following objectives has always been the main focus of our corporate culture:
  • Optimization of operating costs
  • Establishing a central procurement department for consigned items on mining sites
  • Building infrastructure to increase production capacity
For mining companies, we provide integrated logistics services that include ore transportation, heavy equipment and commercial vehicles rental, freight forwarding. In addition to those, we also offer a range of products and services while promoting a spirit of partnership with our customers. Our highly competitive rates and proven know-how have earned us the respect and loyalty of many customers. No matter the type of work or its size, our team of seasoned professionals will not only advise you, but also will assist you in carrying out your projects, while putting your needs, your objectives and your interests to the first plan. By resorting to us you put the strength of a dedicated team to the service of your success.


Fankama Construction
Possessing construction equipment and relying on a well-trained staff, we are able to offer effective and efficient solutions to your civil engineering problems (earthworks, rehabilitation of mining sites after exploitation, construction of rural roads, etc…).
Civil engineering gives you the tools to meet challenges such as how to develop a project and build and operate roads, bridges and buildings in a context of sustainable development.
Our employees undertake training that makes it possible to have a good knoweldge of the fundamental subjects of civil engineering, from the mechanics of deformable solids to the environment, including hydraulics, soil mechanics and project management.


Fankama Concassage
We crush stone according to the standards of our customers.We transform the rock into a wide range of quality products such as clean stone, soft stone, stone dust, Class B aggregates and calibrated MG-grade stone.


Fankama Transport
Fankama Mining & Construction is a dynamic, bilingual, young and yet, a very experienced company. It offers transport solutions across the entire country. Its youth is an asset that allows it to look for the future with an innovative and creative energy. Its team is very motivated and interested in getting involved for you and your personal needs.
At Fankama Mining & Construction, you are guaranteed to find a tailor-made general transport services, tailored to your needs, provided by drivers who are reliable and experienced, and will transport your goods safely and on time.
Quality Customer service our priority. We do everything necessary for you to obtain satisfaction and a service that meets your expectations. The transport of your goods will be carefully prepared and organized by a competent, conscientious and attentive staff. Rest assured that we will handle your products with care and that we will deliver on time.


  • Transportation of all kinds of goods, including bulk and dangerous goods
  • Transport with full load
  • Broken lot transport
  • Heated transport
  • Refrigerated transport
We have our own maintenance and repair shop. Our team of specialists in heavy vehicle mechanics performs preventive maintenance and repairs for each unit (trucks, vans). Support for maintenance allows for a more quick reaction to unforeseen events before making the appropriate corrections without delay. This translates into greater availability of each unit and increased reliability that makes our customers happy.


Fankama Mining & Construction aims to be a reference in the sale and distribution of lubricants and fuels. On behalf of Total Guinea, we already distribute fuel in the cities of Kankan and Mandiana. Made in Belgium and Canada, our products will be very suitable for mining and transportation companies. Among our products we have:
  • DELTA MF : emulsifying degreaser for soil degreasing, workshops, engine and machine maintenance
  • DELTA PMO 10 : for degreasing and cleaning heavily soiled parts such as toothed wheels etc...
  • DELTA PMO 20 : Cleaning of steel and aluminum parts in spraying installations, immersion pump installations, etc...
  • DELTA ALU-NET 23 : degreasing of metals, removal of rust peels, raw steel sheets, post-welding treatment, under-flow of joints, degreasing of aluminum and stainless steel, cleaning of machines polishing and grinding machines.
  • DELTA POR DC : absorbent granules, dry and porous materials, finely granular absorbing spilled liquids (acids and other aggressive products).
  • DELTA POR 28548 : absorbent granules, dry and porous materials, finely granular absorbing spilled liquids (diesel fuel).

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