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Turnkey Projects with Fankama Mining & Construction

With its technological tools, a professional team and a recognized know-how
Fankama Mining & Construction supports you in all your mining and construction projects.


We have a qualified team eager to complete your projects.


We invest in modern equipment to guarantee our work.


We have the proper training and know-how in our field.


We respect the environment by following the regulations in force.


Fankama Mining & Construction operates in several areas of expertise
Fankama Mining & Construction is equipped with important logistical means and provides you with innovative solutions to your problems.

  • Mining

    To help mining companies achieve their goals has always been the main focus of our corporate culture.

  • Logistics & Transport

    We offer transport solutions on the national territory. We transport your goods safely and on time.

  • Construction

    With construction equipment and well-trained team, we are able to offer effective and efficient solutions to your civil engineering problems.

  • Fuel and lubricants

    We refer customers to fuel and lubricant retail and distribution companies.

  • Quarries & Concrete

    We crush stone according to our customers' standards and transform rock into a wide range of quality products.


Our project with Fankama Mining & Construction was a success. Appropriate solutions with no additional cost were found to carry it out. We recommend this young and dynamic company.

Mrs. Fatoumata Cisse / CEO, Société Navale Guinéenne

We are under the spell of the professionalism and dynamism of Fankama Mining & Construction. Thanks to their modern tools, our project was a success. Thank you.

Tall / CEO, Société Alpha


We promote the health and well-being of our employees to prevent accidents and illness at workplace.


We integrate our values into all of our activities, behaviors and strategic decisions.


We comply with applicable laws, regulations, standards and other requirements in the countries in which we operate.


Our business practices are designed to protect the environment and mitigate climate change.


We partner only with companies and contractors that adhere to our ethical, employment, and environmental standards.


We systematically assess our performance in health, safety and the efficiency of our system.


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